Programming to fill in the gaps

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, Sam and Teddy have a wide range of experience helping high level competitive athletes, weightlifters, adults, and recreational athletes rehabilitate and perform at their highest level.

What is training support?

Citizen Athletics training support programming offers grab and go exercise programs and unique add ons that can help to complete your fitness experience. We offer coaching videos for all of the major movement patterns and provide ideas on how to bring up weak points for your squat, bench, deadlift, pull ups, and more.

high quality educational content

When we started sharing information online, it was with the intent to help educate people so that they could get more out of their training, rehab, and life.

As the positive responses came in and the demand grew, we knew we needed to find a means to share more high quality educational content. We answered that call with the Citizen Athletics Learn suite.

Sit down and join in on the conversation! Listen as Teddy and Sam dive into topics spanning health, fitness & wellbeing; giving you all the details without any of the fluff.

Do you want to improve your lifting technique?

Watch our Technique Tip videos, follow our Mobility Routines and use our Lifting Form Fix programs to fast track your performance in the gym.

Boost your potential with our hybrid athlete programs

Cookie cutters are for dough, not programs. We offer high quality training blocks for runners, hybrid strength athletes, and team-sport athletes just like you! See improvements in the activities YOU enjoy the most with our athlete-specific programming.