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At Citizen Athletics, our mission is to empower our clients and provide them with the tools and support they need to crush their goals. Our evidence-based fitness & rehab coaching is built on a foundation of integrity, education and dependability. We establish meaningful relationships with our clients and are committed to raising the standard in the health & fitness industry.

Coaching Testimonials

“I have a pretty extensive injury history and my job is very physically demanding. For a while I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to continue my line of work due to my health and lack of ability to train. This has been one of the first times in 2 years where I have been able to train consistently and stay in overall good health.”

Cory F.

“Thanks for being such a great resource and for helping me get back into lifting consistently!”

Olivia B.

“I, like many, got swept up into the whole “imbalances” and “there are so many things wrong with you” world. I’m now much more confident in my abilities and have found ways to work around issues, build strength, and feel better.”

Michael S.

“After suffering from achilles tendinopathy and low back pain for the last year and a half, this programming has helped me to find pain free exercises, regain strength, and continue my rehab.”

Jenna M.

Here’s what’s included

Initial Evaluation w/ Video Consult

Customized Exercise Plan

User Friendly App and Video Demonstrations

In-App Coaching Messaging

Lifestyle Coaching & Planning

1 on 1 Fitness & Rehab Coaching is for:

What You’re Missing

We believe in a training utopia, where strength training and rehab can coexist, where your warm ups and movement prep addresses your rehab needs, and your approach to fitness is seamlessly organized by a coach that understands the most important variable in any program: YOU.

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Dylan SnatchDylan Snatch
Dylan dogDylan dog
Dylan hikeDylan hike

Dylan Carmody

Dylan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Strength & Conditioning Coach with an electic range of experience from performance coaching at the NCAA D1 level to group fitness, weight loss coaching, and of course, sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. 

Dylan’s personal history with exercise is vast. Over the years he’s dabbled in a variety of different training modalities including powerlifting, olympic lifting, cycling, sport / athletic training, and CrossFit. Dylan has a deep appreciation for all things performance, but he tries to stay grounded with a positive and fun-loving approach to exercise.

With detailed exercise programming, consistent communication, and unwavering accountability Dylan aims to create a training environment that helps his clients to better understand and resolve their issues in and turn pain goals into gain goals.  

Dylan is a cali boy born and raised. He does a great job of bringing a relaxed and fun, yet sneaky productive approach to fitness and rehab. Want to work with Dylan? Be ready for chats about ‘entry points,’ creativity in the training process, and maybe a few Ted Lasso quotes here & there!

Sam Spinelli

Sam enrolled in a class called health & performance when he was in high school, and the rest was history. After he graduated high school, he was training to become a pipefitter with a local trade school in rural Alberta, northern Canada. He had also acquired a personal training certification and was learning from a mentor in a “local” gym that was only a 1 hour drive from home.

After spending some time doing manual labor by day, and personal training by night, Sam’s mentor inspired him to enroll in a local university and start working toward a degree in health and fitness. Fast forward 4 years, and a ton of hard work, Sam was applying to doctoral level therapy programs in the United States.

After years of strength building, competing, and thriving in olympic lifting, powerlifting, and strongman, Sam has evolved into a true hybrid athlete. He’s run marathons, and longer, done day long cycle races, and takes full advantage of the diverse and beautiful mountain and lake landscape in his home of Kelowna, B.C.. Sam is also a girl dad, family man, and amateur cake baker.

As a coach, Sam will tell you it’s always been about helping as many people as possible. As a small town boy from modest upbringings, he sometimes has to pinch himself to realize this online world and the people he’s been able to meet along the way are all real.

Sam BikeSam Bike
Sam hikingSam hiking
Sam liftingSam lifting
Teddy liftingTeddy lifting
Teddy hikeTeddy hike
Teddy teachingTeddy teaching

Teddy Willsey

Teddy has squatted > 400 lb and deadlifted > 500 lb every single year since 2010. This is despite multiple shoulder dislocations and surgeries, a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus, a fractured foot, torn thumb ligaments, chronic turf toe, achilles tendinopathy, a herniated disc in his back, and a hernia repair in his abdominal wall. To say Teddy walks the walk is putting it lightly.

As for the talking, Teddy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength & Conditioning Coach with over 16 years of experience. His career has evolved from a young apprentice and strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and competitive powerlifter to a veteran physical therapist, private practice owner, mentor, educator, writer, creator, and father.

As a coach, Teddy helps his clients to resolve their issues and adopt a mindset that appropriately matches their goals and their physical and mental availability. When we approach pain and exercise as a continuum and work together to identify a trainable menu, great things can happen.

Teddy grew up using public transportation and getting into trouble in the close-in city-suburbs of Washington D.C., where he still resides. He’s always been a class clown type guy, but finding fitness and a career he has undying passion for has helped him to focus his energy and become an industry leader.

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$250/month is a lot of money, but your health and well-being are worth every penny. Our rate allows us to provide the highest quality coaching and individualized care. And truthfully, we love being able to take the extra time to help everyone we work with.

Stop feeling alone in your fitness injury. Meet your new gym bestie, your Fitness Sensei, your Gainz Sherpa. Whatever you call us, we’re here, and we will help guide the way for you to become the best version of you.

We want to know your goals, your injury history, your routines, your equipment, your schedule, your workout preferences, your workout locations, your interests outside of the gym, and pretty much everything you’re willing to tell us!

We are trained & experienced specialists in strength & conditioning, fitness enthusiasts who walk the walk ourselves, and doctorate-level rehab providers that have seen it all. We offer a masterful blend of rehab and performance coaching.

We try to be flexible because we want this coaching relationship to be easy for you. Communication can occur in a number of ways ranging from comments on the workouts themselves to video calls, in-app messaging, emails, or a shared doc or spreadsheet.

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