Pull Up & Chin Ups

Are you struggling to dial in your pull up or chin up technique? Have you lost that youthful confidence you had to just run over to a set of monkey bars and start swinging around? Well, we can’t promise you that we’ve created the fountain of youth through our programming (…yet 😉), but we can definitely help to nudge you in that direction.

The Citizen Athletics Pull Up/Chin Up Technique Tip video is a ‘gym hack’ to fall in love with hanging, swinging, and pulling from the bar! We break down how we coach the bodyweight vertical pull with both a pronated and supinated grip, while providing ideas and drills to get more comfortable hanging from the bar.

You’re closer than you think, but a few cues and novel ideas might be the difference maker you’ve been looking for. Our Technique Tips are built for you to get the most out of the classic gym movements and crush your workouts like never before. Sign up today to get coached by the pros and take your technique to the next level.

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