Strength Training For Runners

Uh, oh! The term ’strength training’ tends to haunt the minds of a lot of runners; and to be honest, we get it! You’re a runner, not a lifter, and you prefer to just walk out your door and do your thing. So why spend extra time in the boring weight room when you’re already in great shape? That’s where we come in. Strength training is shown time and time again to help improve running economy and reduce injury risk. You know deep down inside it’s good for you, so give our system a try!

Our strength training for runners program stands alone as an entire training program. It’s a one stop shop designed to cover all of your strength training needs as a runner. As Physical Therapists with a combined two decades of experience treating the running population, we know how essential strength training is for running performance and longevity. In fact, as a hybrid strength-endurance athlete, your coach and therapist Sam knows firsthand.

We’ve developed the ultimate, no frills, strength training for runners program. Get in, get out, be efficient, and ensure your lifting complements your running. Specifically designed with a minimalist approach, we developed this program to not only improve running performance, but to manage and reduce the risk of common running injuries. Your biggest impediment to improving your running time will always be injury. It’s time to finally add that missing piece into your running program to really see your results explode.

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