Ramp Program

We all know that ‘first day back in the gym’ feeling. Energized, excited, and ready to jump right back in where you left off! But then… the soreness begins to creep in; and it hits you like a dump truck. Getting completely floored by your first couple of weeks back in the gym is the last thing you need to get back in the exercise groove. That’s why we created our introductory programming.

First you do Base, and then you do the Ramp Program! Ramp is part of our intro fitness program and it’s a great bridge for those who are hoping to increase their exercise frequency but don’t want all the smoke of a fully stacked training program quite yet.

Just getting going? Coming back from an injury? Constantly getting aches and pains with training? Our Ramp Program was built with YOU in mind. The Citizen Athletics Ramp Program is built to bring you up to speed with our training styles, the movements we use, and general flow of each day’s exercises. It is the perfect way to get back on track with exercise, without feeling beat up after every gym session. Run it for 2 weeks or 10! Whether you use it for a day, or 3 months, our Ramp Program is your perfect entry point into creating a lasting exercise routine.

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