Thoracic Mobility

The T-spine has been booming in popularity recently, and for good reason! The thoracic spine (aka, your mid or upper back) is one of the most over-looked areas by gym-goers when trying to improve overall mobility. By maintaining an adequate level of motion in your thoracic spine, you set the rest of your body up for success to be mobile too!

Here’s the problem. We see people laying on foam rollers, squirming around for 15 minutes, and doing the same old routine before every workout so that their back feels ‘looser.’ If that works for you, great, but chances are you’re doing the same thing and not making any measurable improvements! Our mobility programs are designed to help you be efficient with your time and make lasting changes.

The Citizen Athletics Thoracic Mobility program leaves you with lasting mobility changes FAST! By layering strengthening and control on top of the mobility drills and stretches that are already there, our short drills and pre-workout warmups are built to take your training to new heights!

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