Robust Shoulders

Anybody else’s shoulders sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies?! Yeah, nobody likes the feeling of achy, stiff, and popping joints. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s SUPER Normal! Especially in the shoulders. Your coach and therapist, Teddy, has had the distinct honor of suffering multiple shoulder dislocations and surgeries dating back to his youth. He’s here to help you get your shoulders back on track!

If you asked us, we’d argue it’s mandatory to give the shoulders some extra strength and stability love. If you’ve ever had shoulder issues, or you just want to ensure you steer clear of them, this one’s for you. By starting slow and introducing new movements and challenges, we’re able to improve your mobility, strength, and confidence in your shoulders to make them stronger and more resilient than ever! The robust shoulders program is part of our prehab series. It’s designed to be performed alongside your current training, and just offers a little extra sauce to sure up those arm cannons.

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