Lateral Lunge Technique

Side lunges are some of the most overlooked, and underrated exercises in the gym. If you ask us, it’s because they can be a pain in the butt to train consistently. They feel awkward, unstable and it can be hard to find a type of load that suits your style of training. Well, you still may be inconsistent with them, but you’re gonna have to find some new excuses 😅.

The Citizen Athletics Lateral Lunge Technique video is going to help you fall in love with the side lunge movement! Teddy and Sam will coach you through this movement, implementing teaching strategies they use and helping you to understand what you want to feel, and where you want to be in space.

Stop avoiding difficult exercises, or just accepting that they’re awkward and you’re not good at them. You’re better than that. Our Technique Tips are built for you to get the most out of the classic gym movements, and crush your workouts like never before! Sign up today to take your technique to the next level.

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