Core Bracing

“Just squeeze your abs!”

‘Yeah yeah, I know how to brace.’

…face turns red, they pass out.

Alright, let’s talk Bracing. As Strength-Minded Physios, and lifters of 500+ pounds for 10+ years in the running each, we love bracing. But maybe not for the reasons you might think. We think it’s an amazing way to make our body ’stiff’ so we can manage loads and lift heavy things better. But, when it comes to ‘preventing injury’ or ‘correcting alignment,’ we’re not sold on it. Bracing can be protective, but it is not preventive. There’s a difference!

The Citizen Athletics Core Bracing Technique TIp video is honestly one of the most valuable pieces of content we have. So many people lack a true internal concept of how to brace, or what it feels like. The stronger you get, the more important this becomes.

By learning how to control your mid-section during the lifts, you’ll see numbers go up and feel much more comfortable with any compound lift! Our Technique Tips are built for you to get the most out of the classic gym movements, and crush your workouts like never before! We know this video seriously over-delivers on value, so sign up today to take your gym routine to the next level.

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