Ankle Mobility

Stiff ankles, tight calves, and a foot that doesn’t move. Sheesh! If you ask us, that’s a recipe for leaving some serious training gains on the table. Not only is it helpful to improve mobility in your ankles to just feel less ‘stiff,’ but improving motion in your ankles can make a world of difference for some of the most common gym exercises!

Looking to feel more comfortable and effortless when you squat? What about feel more controlled during lunges? Well, having a bit more ‘runway’ for your ankles to work with can sometimes be the missing link that you’re looking for! That’s why we built a simple mobility program that leaves you with lasting changes to your ankle motion, easily added into your warm-up routine. By layering strengthening and control on top of the mobility drills and stretches that are already there, the Citizen Athletics Ankle Mobility Program will take your motion to the next level!

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