Half Kneeling Explained

We believe half kneeling is a foundational position that everyone should feel comfortable with, and we are going to coach you up on it like you’ve never been coached.

In a half kneeling position you have one knee down, and one knee up. It’s natural. It’s how we get down on the ground and interact with our environment, and it’s essential for exercise. It’s the bottom of a lunge, but with your knee down.

Lucky for you, we made a program for those who want to dive deep and nerd out on the half kneeling position, or who might struggle to own that position. Our Half Kneeling Explained program allows members to discover the utility and ease of implementing the half-kneeling position into their workouts.

Learn the coaching cues, technique tips, and finer points of execution that Sam and Teddy emphasize in this open discussion style explanatory video. Crush your workouts from the ground up! Sign up today to take your technique to the next level.

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