Injuries suck, we’ve got you covered!

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, Sam and Teddy have a wide range of experience helping high level competitive athletes, weightlifters, adults, and recreational athletes rehabilitate and perform at their highest level.

Many clinicians and clinics are not well versed in helping athletes and active people return to performance. Citizen Athletics rehab programming helps to bridge the gap between the clinic and the gym. Forget the ice packs, hot packs, brown carpet, and easy table exercises. Rehab like an athlete.

Each rehab program is carefully written with multiple phases of exercise progressions, starting from early post-acute injury to return to performance. Influenced by the latest research and exercise techniques, Sam and Teddy are leaders in the field who practice what they preach both professionally and personally.

Have you recently suffered an injury?

Our rehab programs are designed to start at a post-injury level and address fundamentals of local muscular strength, endurance, and joint range of motion. Conservative care is consistently shown in research to be the best first step in nearly all cases of injury. Take your care into your own hands and follow an evidence based rehabilitation program written by qualified

If you just got hurt, start on phase 1, day 1 of your respective body part or muscle injury, and work your way up. Although we typically recommend you spend 2-4 weeks on each phase, acute injuries of low severity might jump to a new phase each week, making it a 4-6 week rehab in total.

Are you still working on that same old trouble spot?

Let’s be real, we’ve all got that same ‘trouble spot’ that flares up from time to time, but we’re certainly not spending 30-45 minutes prepping, stretching and rolling out just to manage that same old achy joint. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just use high quality, evidence-based rehab exercises as your 10-15 minute warm up to turn pain down and performance up in the gym?


We’re on it. Enter Citizen Athletics at home rehab programming. Low time commitment, low volume, and pin-point accuracy, our at-home rehab plans have some of the best return on investment around! Cut out the fluff and focus on what really matters: optimizing muscle strength, length, and joint range of motion.

Have you recently had surgery?

Our rehab programs are a great add on to traditional therapy. Thoughtful programming and progressions will help you regain your strength and mobility in a safe and organized manner. Each phase is designed to be completed for 3-6 weeks, allowing you to rehab at your own pace.

Ditch those stale home exercises with the crusty band tucked away in your closet. Follow our easy to use home programs to accelerate your recovery and feel the power of high quality rehab.