Fix Your Bench

‘To arch, or not to arch? That is the question….’ While some training questions don’t quite stack up to the great pondering words of Shakespeare, they still need to be answered! That’s where we come in. The Citizen Athletics ‘Fix Your Bench’ program lays out everything you need to know, and everything you can do to take your bench press to the next level.

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to ‘how to move’ in exercises like Deadlifting and Benching. The Citizen Athletics Form Fixes allow you to sift through the noise and attack your exercise routine with the drills, techniques, and positions that just plain work. If that sounds like the ‘no frills’ type of training you like, then come on down!

Our Form Fixes are built for you to feel confident in any setting so you can crush your next bench session! Sign up today to approach the bar with confidence.

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