Vertical Jump Template

The vertical jump is quite possibly the single most important metric used to determine raw athleticism. You’d be hard pressed to find a dedicated athlete that wouldn’t want to add a few inches onto their vertical. In addition to being able to get rim or dunk, the process of improving your jump helps to build other important sport skills like a faster first step, and more powerful change of direction.

Not only is jumping a crucial element of sport, but training for the jump has become a whole sport in itself! With so many attributes of physical performance to track, it can be a daunting task to put together a vertical jump program for yourself and feel confident in your approach.

We want to let you in on a little secret… you don’t need to perform hundreds of maximal jumps a day to jump higher! In fact, that might wear you down. Many young athletes tend to underestimate the connection between strength training, maximal force, and jump height. Basketball players are particularly guilty of this, as many would rather play more pick up or get shots up rather than lift weights.

Did you know that research has shown that until you can squat close to 2 x bodyweight, building your leg strength will still help you jump higher? Chances are, combining strength training and jumping is your best bet to adding inches on your vert. We take a cohesive approach to improving your jump, and have found this to be one of our most successful programs to date!

The Citizen Athletics Vertical Jump Program is a standalone program that covers all your lower body strength and conditioning needs. Perform 2 or 3 days / week for best results. We recommend dedicating a minimum of 3-6 months to optimize your results. This system has been specifically designed to add inches to your vertical jump by adding elements of strength, speed, and repetition. Hop on board and get the jump train rolling!

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