Lunge And Split Squat Cues

Tired of hopping, skipping, and flailing around attempting split squats and lunges? Same. That’s why we created the ultimate cheat code for finding your balance with these frustratingly-necessary gym movements. Not only do these tips help you feel stable during your leg days, but they help you squeeze the most out of each rep you get!

Learn how to bias your knee, hip, or ankle in the lunge. Learn how wide your feet should be, how long your stance should be, and what to do with your hands.

We know lunges, and we want you to know them too. We’re having a Citizen Athletics dinner party, and everyones invited. If you’re looking to crush your next leg day, we’ve got you. Our Technique Tips are built for you to get the most out of the classic gym movements, and crush your workouts like never before! Sign up today to take your technique to the next level.

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