Fix Your Deadlift

“KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT!” Wait… no! “ROUND YOUR BACK!“ Wait… no that’s not it…  LOOK UP! NEUTRAL SPINE! GRIP AND RIP IT! Wait, what are you supposed to do again??

These days, it’s hard to find trustworthy information about how you can optimize your gym lifts. Naysayers purposefully pedal questionable and divisive information because they know it’ll make them go viral. False equivalency is given to two sides of a topic, when one side is evidence based and researched over decades, and the other is just some guy with a social media account.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have safety in knowing you have access to quality information from physios you can trust? At Citizen Athletics, we’re giving you just that! And, we’re taking it a step further. Not only do we have our ‘Lifting Form Fixes’ that break down common faults and tendencies in popular gym exercises, but we give you the WHY behind it too.

Trust us, we’re sick of seeing the and next to every exercise too. Our Form Fixes are built for you to feel confident in any setting so you can crush your next deadlift session! Sign up today to approach the bar with confidence.

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