Back Squat From The Ground Up

Learning the back squat is a coming of age for nearly any gym-goer. And, well… it isn’t always a positive experience. Often taught by an old school gym bro yelling at you, ‘GET LOWER!’, it’s pretty obvious how many of us need a little help in perfecting the ‘king of the lifts.’

While we aren’t going to scream down your ear about technique, this is one of the times where our ‘no frills gym-bro’ selves come out in our products. Back Squat From the Ground Up program will help you to implement easy tips and cues to seriously transform your squat! We like to call it the intersection of gym bro and physio 😉.

Our Technique Tips are built for you to get the most out of the classic gym movements, and crush your workouts like never before! Sign up today to take your technique to the next level.

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