Hip Impingement

Trust us when we say, having chronic pinching hips (aka Femoroacetabular Impingement or FAI) sucks! As clinicians that have treated and experienced FAI symptoms first hand, we know the difficulties of managing hips that just won’t quit. Sure, the pain sucks, but if you ask us, that’s not the worst part…

Even worse than the pain is the feelings of defeat and frustration when we’re no longer able to hit the same numbers in the gym, or do the same activities with our friends and family. Without even knowing it, we regress ourselves out of commission, with each setback more frustrating than the last.

That’s why the Citizen Athletics Hip Impingement Template is built to specifically get you back to hitting PR’s and allows you to manage your setbacks, not run away from them. But, what does that look like in action? Well, let’s see!

This template peels back the positions and exercises that are giving you the most trouble, and starts by honing your focus back to the basics. Hip strength, quality range of motion, and pain-free positions are the staples of this program’s early phases. As we move into the middle and later stages of this 16-week program, we begin a gradual re-introduction to tolerable, foundational movements like squatting, hinging, and lunging, all while carefully layering speed and control with it.

This program is built for YOU, the active gym-goer, in mind. Each session is 20 minutes or less, and can be seamlessly integrated within your current training plan to keep you training hard in the gym!

Just imagine how good that squat will finally feel after crushing your self-paced rehab with ease!

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