Should you track your training?

We’ve all seen those gym dorks with their spiral bound notebooks and 3 year-long training journals, scribbling down every set and rep, writing their feedback, and smudging weight room dirt and finger grease all over every page. Are they on to something? Is this approach helpful? How much is overkill? Do YOU need to track what you’re doing in the gym to make the gains that you’re looking for?

Well, maybe journaling every single rep of every warmup is a tad excessive, but keeping track of your primary lifts and making informed decisions on sets & reps based on how the past few weeks went is absolutely a recipe for success. Additionally, tracking your training gives you an opportunity to be reflective in how you exercise, as you can look back at the session that left you sore for 5 days and know what you might change or keep the same for the following week.

We recorded a video that goes over this exact topic, and you can probably guess our stance on things. If you’re interested in taking a more detailed approach to your fitness and ensuring you’re getting the best return on investment, this one’s for you.

We want you to know how to track, when to track, and what to track to be efficient and effective in the gym. Looking to learn more? Sign up today to get access our entire suite of Learn Videos.

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