Should you de-load?

For some of us, taking a step back from our exercise routine can be the hardest part about training. We want to keep pushing. It doesn’t feel satisfying if it’s not soul crushing. Or we just get excited, and always want to keep adding weight or doing more reps.

At some point, we all learn one way or another. Don’t be the person that has to learn the hard way. We have mixed feelings about deloads, and we want to tell you more about it. Is there a set time that you should de-load? Not necessarily.

Understanding de-loads can be super tricky, and sometimes by the time you need one, it’s too late. This is why we created a video that goes over everything you need to know to make sure you are armed with the knowledge of how to deload, when to deload, and what a deload actually is.

News flash- a deload is not just doing a light weight for sets of 10 or 15. Sometimes you still lift heavy on deloads, but you only do a few reps. Other times, you do the opposite. There are different kinds of deloads, and they have different applications. If done correctly, your deload should offer you a little rest and help you to bounce back and hit new PRs the next week.

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