How to individualize training

Individualized Training is aaaalll the rage these days! Everyone seems to be talking about how important it is to have individualized training… but nobody is talking about what it really is, or how to individualize your current program.

NEWS FLASH- most people need to do the same stuff in the gym. We’re all humans and we all move the same way. Individualization occurs with small tweaks, modifications, and coaching cues. Sports specific? Overrated. Modifying your current program? WAYYYYY underrated.

That’s why we created an easy to follow and simple video on how to individualize your own training! We break down what this type of training really looks like, why it’s important, and give you simple strategies and tools to implement in your own training to help make it more individualized to your goals and injury history.. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, if you’re looking to learn more, sign up for the Citizen Athletics membership and get access to our entire suite of Learn Videos!

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