How to pick the right weight

Alright, you know who you are! We’ve all seen the overzealous gym-rat’s with eyes bigger than their muscles, and we can all remember our early days in the gym where we didn’t truly know what ‘heavy’ felt like yet. So, how do we find the middle ground? What can we do to consistently pick weights that make us grow, instead of leaving us bed-ridden for days on end?

Making small bumps can be hard too. You can’t ALWAYS increase weight, that strategy only works for noobie gains. And the stronger you get, the more often you train with lighter weights relative to your max strength. You’ve become a more finely tuned engine, and you need to be more cognizant of pushing yourself to max effort.

As gym rats ourselves, we know how it feels to overshoot one day, and be paying for it the next week. We’ve all been there- sore for a week after a leg day. Ouch.

After resistance training for years on end, and helping thousands of patients and clients find the benefits from it, we’ve developed our own tips, tricks, and insider secrets on how to level-up your weight selection and auto regulation skills. We’ve put them in our Learn Videos to help people like you crush your next gym session! Looking to learn more about weights, de-loads and other fitness topics? Sign up today to access our entire suite of Learn Videos.

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