Pre-workout Nutrition

At Citizen Athletics, we truly believe that success in the gym starts with success in the kitchen. Preparing quality meals and snacks before its ‘go time’ can often make or break the feeling of a good workout. But what should you eat before going to the gym? How much should you eat? How long before? Does it always have to be the same?

There’s so many differing opinions. We aren’t nutritionists, but we know a few things. More than a few, to be honest. We want to share with you some of the areas we focus on and help you implement an eating pattern that helps complement your exercise.

We’ve developed easy to follow, simple tricks to implement into your daily routine to help you feel energized and fueled for your next workout. Everyone’s nutrition needs vary based on their goals, fitness routine, and dietary preferences. In our pre workout nutrition Learn video we offer a framework and tell you what works for us. We hope you find it helpful.

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