How to modify exercise with pain?

At some point or another, we all hit roadblocks in our training. Oftentimes, those roadblocks present as pains, aches, and soreness with exercise that just won’t go away. So what do we do? Grit our teeth in the name of ‘no pain, no gain?’ Or, do we tuck our tails and run at the sight of discomfort. Lucky for you, this stuff is literally our job!

At Citizen Athletics, we’re Physios first. Our goal is to keep you exercising as much as you’d like, with as little roadblocks as possible. That’s why we created a short, digestible video that puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to modifying exercise with pain. Quick tips and strategies are at your fingertips to keep exercising in the face of a setback, if you ask us, that sounds like a pretty sweet program.

Pain is normal, it’s part of life. Don’t let it derail you. Implement our body part specific exercise execution modifications that are simple, digestible, and effective.

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