Postpartum Fitness Program

Postpartum is an extremely challenging time.

Whether it’s your first child, or you’re onto multiples – it’s a major life change and many challenges arise..

Coming off a majorly stressful time (birth) and entering into this new time, it’s very understandable that fitness & health take a back seat.

All of your energy is focused on just caring for your new baby that basic things like brushing your teeth seem hard enough that the idea of exercise is a distant thought.

For most moms there comes a time though once things start to get somewhat organized and you begin getting a baseline level of sleep that making time for yourself becomes not only something you can consider, but something that is very important.

It’s at this time – which varies by each situation – that exercise and health comes back into the equation.

What to do though isn’t so straight forward.

Not only are you recovering from giving birth, you’re exhausted, limited energy reserve, extremely limited time, and you may have some common complications.

After going through pregnancy and giving birth (whether vaginal or cesarean section) many women are challenged with issues like urinary incontinence (leakage), diastasis recti

Being unsure what to do, or fearing hurting yourself and doing damage can limit many women starting.

Some women will accept these things as just a part of the process and move on – never addressing them.

These are all too common of stories and we want to help change this.

We have developed an postpartum fitness program that is based on the current evidence on developing a healthy body for women following giving birth.

It’s been structured to addressing issues of urinary incontinence, abdominal strength, strengthen the back and hips, and help develop overall fitness.

Managing your life can already feel challenging, so we designed it to not be a large add on.

Instead, it is organized into mini segments that you can do daily when you have time, lasting 5-15 minutes depending upon how much you choose to do, and then 3 workouts that should take approximately 20-30 minutes.

For a lot of women, we knew this program would need to be something you could do at home – and possibly need to incorporate your new baby – so we made it with that in mind.

Check out this example video we made:



To do a free trial week of the program, head on over to and test run the program and you can see the other programs we offer in the training support programming service we have.

Best of luck in the process and if you need help, send us an email!

The Citizen Athletics Team,

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