What does your workout program membership include?

For $50 every 4 weeks, your Citizen Athletics workout program membership includes:

  • Access to our Citizen Athletics app and workout calendar

  • Instructional video for every exercise in every workout

  • Unlimited in-app messaging for basic workout questions with Teddy and Sam

  • Automatic entry into monthly giveaways for exercise equipment, apparel, and supplements

  • Exclusive content and educational material

  • Supplemental travel, home, and body-weight workouts

Which workout group is right for you?

Plan Comparison Infographic.jpg

Our two plans have more similarities than differences. In both programs, there is comprehensive mobility and prehab work included in warm-ups and throughout sessions. Foundational and Sustainable Strength plans both focus on training fundamental compound movement patterns: squat, deadlift, lunge, push, pull, and carry. The primary difference in the two is in the required time commitment and implements used. Foundations workouts are shorter and don’t use barbell lifts. An advanced lifter might refer to foundations as an accessory program.

Found Strength General.jpg

At the onset of Citizen Athletics, it was extremely important to Sam and Teddy to create a workout everyone could do. Foundational Strength is that workout. Foundations might be right for you if you are coming back to training after time-off, looking for an exercise routine that is not overly demanding of your time, or have limited weight training experience. This program is also a great way to beef up your current routine if you are looking for some extra weight training guidance.

Foundational Strength consists of 3 Primary training days per week with an optional 4th day. With limited equipment, these workouts can be done at home or in most hotel and apartment gyms. Ultimately, Foundational Strength will help you build muscle and burn fat while increasing your mobility just as Sustainable Strength will. The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out is finding a program that works for you. We recognize not everyone needs or wants to spend hours a day in the gym, and that’s why we created Foundational Strength.

Sust Strength General.jpg

Sustainable Strength is designed for exercise enthusiasts with barbell strength training experience. This plan consists of 4 primary training days per week with an optional 5th recovery day. Our sophisticated programming is based on supersets and full body splits. We combine circuit work with bodybuilding and powerlifting movements. Written by two competitive lifters, strength coaches, and physical therapists, sustainable strength is challenging enough for those who spend daydreams visualizing proper squat form but still scalable enough to work for the less hardcore lifter.

These workouts are engaging, fatiguing, and tiring in all the right ways. With long warm-ups, dedicated mobility work for the day, and cardio circuits worked in, each session is designed to standalone as all you ever need to do in the gym. There is emphasis on shoulder, back, and hip health as well as grunt work to improve your aerobic capacity and pump work to improve your physique and muscle definition This balanced approach will make you into a workout machine while helping you to avoid injury and joint pain.