Training Plans

Sam and Teddy created two tiers of workout plans to help people at various parts of their fitness evolution reach their fitness goals. Foundational Strength is a 4-week program you can start anytime you'd like. Sustainable strength is a 12-week program and it has a set start date of September 3. If you are reading this after September 3, the next round of Sustainable strength will begin the first week of December.

Found Strength General.jpg

For whom?: Consider if you have limited weight training experience, are coming back to training after a lay off, or looking for a program that is not overly demanding of your time.

Weekly structure: 3 Primary training days per week with an optimal 4th day

Program focus: This program emphasizes building a good base of movement across the primary lifts while helping to develop an improved control of movement, increasing mobility, and enhancing stability.

Results: Through this program you'll build new muscle and burn off fat through our structured training program where we emphasize strength development and incorporate specific metabolic conditioning.

Start date: Anytime

Sust Strength General.jpg

For whom? Consider if you are an experienced trainee looking to elevate your fitness even further.

Weekly structure: 4 Primary training days per week with an optional 5th recovery day

Program focus: This program takes the base lifts and works to challenge people with increased movement variability, enhancing the trainees load tolerance, encouraging higher levels of strength, maximizing mobility and optimizing stability.

Results: We utilize a variety of advanced principles to help you push your fitness to its maximum, develop muscle and accelerate fat loss.

Start Date: Jump in anytime