Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost to join Citizen Athletics and how will I be charged?

A: When you join Citizen Athletics, you will create an account with your payment information. You will be charged $50 every 4 weeks and can cancel anytime.

Q: How do I download the app? Is there a cost for the actual app?

A: Our app can be found in the in the Apple App Store on on Google Play. Search “Citizen Athletics.” The app is free, however in order to access the app you must join through our website first by creating an account.

Q: Can I join Citizen Athletics anytime or only at the beginning of the month?

A:You can join at any time.

Q: What happens If I join a workout group days or weeks into a 4-week plan?

A: Every 4 weeks we start a new training block, or phase. When you join mid-phase, you can simply just start at the beginning and go at your own pace. We have previous phases available so that you may start at the beginning. Every 4-6 months, we will “reset” our training phases, clear out the old, and start a new global focus.

Q: What if I decide Citizen Athletics is not for me? Can I be refunded?

A: We are not able to refund purchases, however you can cancel at anytime and retain access for the remainder of your 4 week period you paid for.

Q: How do I decide which group (Foundational or Sustainable) is right for me?

A: We describe our two programs in detail at our website here:

Q: I’m an intermediate and can’t decide between the two programs, what do you suggest?

A: If you have the equipment available, Sustainable Strength is probably the best choice. It will challenge you to push yourself and reach a new fitness level. Worst case, you decide it is not the right fit and we can easily move you to the Foundational Strength program. Keep in mind, you can always cut your workout short or choose to do a bit less.

Q: Can I do the program at home?

A: In order to workout at home, we suggest you have bands, dumbbells, and a bit of space to move. Our foundational strength program was designed to be more home friendly, but it does use some movements that require equipment such as  dumbbells, bands, sliders, and suspension devices. Sliders can be replaced with a towel on the floor or standard furniture sliders. Exercises requiring suspension devices are not too prevalent in the programming and can be subbed out. The Sustainable Strength program uses more of a complete gym set up and would be difficult to complete at home unless you have a well outfitted home gym with a barbell and squat rack.

Q: Can I switch between the Sustainable and Foundational programs if I think the other might be more fitting for me?

A: Absolutely. We want you to have the best experience possible. If you think you need to be switched to the other group, e-mail us at and we can manually make this change for you.

Q: Once I have already started the program, how do I adjust my scheduled workout days?

A; Although  you can’t do this through the app, you can change your scheduled workout days by  logging in to your Citizen Athletics account through a web browser. Go to, click the member access tab on the top right, and sign-in to your account. Click “my stuff” on the top bar of your computer screen or on the hidden menu in the top right corner of your phone screen. Hover over your current plan and click “change schedule”.  There you will be able to change your weekly scheduled workout days.

Q: What if I miss a training day?

A: You can make-up a missed training day on an off day if you desire or just skip it and carry on like normal.  So long as it happens only very rarely, missing a workout will not have a big impact on your overall progress. Our workouts are designed with full body training days so that if you miss a day, you can just move forward and not feel pressured to make it up.

Q: Is the program individualized?

A: We’ve designed the programs to accommodate a wide range of people by using movements that benefit everyone. There are regressions and progressions available to adapt the program to your needs and experience.

This program can accommodate a variety of goals as well. Regardless of whether your aim is strength gain, weight-loss, or improved endurance, you can self regulate within the program by moving more quickly with light weights or taking longer rest breaks with heavier weights.

Q: Does the program cover warm up? Strength? Mobility? Stability?

A: Our programs are comprehensive and take care of the full spectrum of fitness - no need to have a special mobility program or separate strength plan. The programs were designed to help you move better, improve your overall fitness, and feel better in the process. The only possible addition would be adding more cardiovascular work.

Q: Does the program include cardio?

A: We’ve built in a few various forms of cardio into the program. That being said, there is not sufficient cardiovascular work for an endurance driven athlete. For those who enjoy doing a few hours of cardio each week, we recommend adding that in on your own.

Q: I’m ___ years of age, can I join the programming?

A: Absolutely! The programming can be used for any age, you’ll just have to adjust to what you feel is appropriate. For example, if you’re a youth athlete or an older athlete and just getting into fitness, make sure you gradually build into things and don’t rush the process.

Q: I am a ________ athlete and want to know if one of the programs is appropriate for me?

A: Our programs focus on developing general athleticism and improving the full spectrum of physiologic function, which will benefit most athletes. However, if you are a higher level athlete you may need to make some modifications or additions to the program for it to be the best option for you.

In our Citizen Athletics programming, we include many of the injury prevention methods and jumping and landing variations we use with the athletes we train in person.